Family Outing: Exploratorium


Pier 15, The Embarcadero & Green St.

Visiting the Exploratorium is a great outing for San Francisco families with kids of various ages. It doesn’t really have enough activities targeted at the smallest tiny humans to recommend it as a typical toddler outing, but if you are taking a group of kids, here are the best suggestions for what to do with a toddler while there.

Balancing Ball: This was the most popular exhibit for my 18 month old toddler. He loved trying to play with the beach ball within the air current.

Slinky Treadmill: This was another fascinating exhibit to my young toddler. He had to be held to see it well, but he loved watching the slinky endlessly moving.

Tornado: My toddler loved that he could climb right into this tornado simulator and stick his hands into the smoky swirl.

Red Barn: Near the entry to the Seeing Gallery, this barn contains a light experiment with trains passing through the interior rooms. Train-loving young toddlers will enjoy staring into the little windows to watch as the train appears over and over.

Pitch Slider: Of the exhibits in the Listening Gallery, this was the most toddler friendly one. My toddler loved to watch the bar’s movements as it was played.

Shake Table: This was another exhibit that appealed to my toddler. He liked sitting right near the shaking objects on the table and watching their movements.

Gears: When you head to the Tinkering section, the most toddler friendly exhibit is the gear board. Plan to stop there and let your toddler spin these for a bit.


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