Neighborhood Spotlight: Inner Sunset

The Inner Sunset is a great neighborhood to explore with tiny humans of all ages!


Here is a breakdown by stage of some of my top picks in the area:

If you have an Infant, I recommend that you take a stroller walk in the Botanical Gardens in Golden Gate Park and then grab a coffee or a bite to eat at Park Chow which has a great noise buzz that just seems to lull an infant. The restaurant let me keep my infant in our travel system right at the table, and they have high chairs for older infants as well.

For Crawlers and Young Toddlers, stop by the Early Explorers Cove at California Academy of Sciences. It is a play space with puzzles, puppets, blocks, and more. The museum is very stroller friendly and tiny humans will love seeing the aquarium exhibits as well. The cafe has a lot of good food options for both tiny humans and adults.

Toddlers and Preschoolers will enjoy playing at Koret Playground in Golden Gate Park. It has multiple climbing structures with a variety of slides, sets of infant and regular swings, sand pits, and plenty of grassy areas to run around inThere is even a carousel nearby. Parents can also swing by Monkei Miles if they are looking to entertain their kids with a train table and teepee while they shop for quality resale clothing items.

There are also lots of tiny human friendly Restaurants in the Inner Sunset:

Right next to Park Chow at Lincoln and 9th is Pacific Catch, which also has high chairs and room for toddlers to wander a bit through the restaurant. Around the corner on Irving street, Fresca, LaLe, and Crepevine all have high chairs available as well. Father up Irving, Lime Tree has high chairs available and a changing table in their restroom. If you go the other way on Irving towards Monkei Miles, there is the Taco Shop at Underdogs which may not look too toddler friendly on entry, but in the back there are picnic style tables with high chairs available.


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