Young Toddler Must-Haves

Now that my tiny human is a young toddler there are a few items that really grab his interest. He loves to be able to do things by himself, and all of these items let him do just that while providing opportunities for him to work on his gross and fine motor skills.

Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set
This is a perfect first basketball hoop. We’re not a very athletic family, but it became apparent that our tiny human loved to put objects into other objects. This basketball hoop is great for taking that skill further and fostering independence since he can do the whole action to “score” all by himself. It can be weighted with water or sand so that it is not a tip hazard and grows with the child in height through any easy adjustment system.

Tot Tutors Bookshelf
This is another must-have for the toddler that loves to put objects in and out. Our toddler loves being able to shelve his own books independently, and as a parent I love having a place where all the books can be stored instead of having them scattered all over the floor. It is a lightweight unit since it has fabric shelves, but we have not had any tipping issues.

Mega Bloks
My young toddler also loves to be able to put things together, but a lot of puzzles and other toys are too advanced and frustrating. These blocks he is able to more easily manipulate then smaller duplos, and he enjoys combining together two or three shapes in different variations. As he gets older he’ll be able to build towers and more complex structures as well.

Quercetti Pegboard
This peg board is another great fine motor skill task that a tiny human can engage in without much frustration. My young toddler is able to match the pegs into the holes on the board and stack them one on top of the other. He likes to pull a few in and out and swap them around in positions.


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