Infant Swim Classes

Like many new parents, I wanted my new tiny human to be comfortable in water from an early age, and so I looked to enroll in parent participation infant swim classes.

20160423_110454 (1)

I’ve now taken three 8-week-long sessions of classes at UCSF Parnassus when my little one was an infant and then a young toddler. I’ve found that beyond just exposing him to water, the classes have the added benefits of songs and games. To me these classes seem like a good 2-for-1 combo of early water comfort and music class!

Below I provide more details on the options for infant swim classes in San Francisco.

La Petite Baleen Swim School: This is the most popular option. They start classes younger than 6 months, and they follow a specific method to achieve swimming competence. Their one San Francisco location is in the Presidio.

JCCSF Swim School: This option is also fairly popular. The have a low ratio of 5 pairs to 1 teacher and focus on building specific skills. They also only have one location, which is in Laurel/Presidio Heights.

UCSF Youth Acquatics: They have locations at both the Parnassus and Mission Bay campuses. The pool temperature can be a bit cool. But, a plus is that classes involve lots of circle songs and fun skill-building games.

Pomeroy Recreation: This program also focuses on skill acclimation through songs and play. They only have one location, which is in Lake Merced.

YMCA: They focus on water acclimation and introducing basic skills. There are 3 different locations in San Francisco that have infant classes.

SF Recreation and Parks Acquatics: They offer the most locations, but class quality can vary based on instructor.


Additionally, here are some tips for a good swim class experience:

  • Use a 1-piece swimsuit/diaper for ease of getting ready for the class. Swim diapers don’t hold in pee very well, so I recommend not putting the swimsuit on the baby too early.
  • Use a towel poncho. I found these to work really well as a way to get a towel around my fidgety tiny human when he comes out of the water. The Northpoint towel is good for young toddlers. Vitamins Baby also made a smaller towel that I used when he was a baby.
  • Bring a pouch and/or small toy to occupy your tiny human during the change back into clothes.


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