Clothing for Tiny Humans

Deciding how to dress my rapidly growing tiny human can be both a joy and a frustration. I just love to put him in a cute outfit, but it can be tricky to find clothes that are also truly functional for each stage of his development. Plus, he seems to just grow out of everything in the blink of an eye.


Below I have provided a map of places where you can buy consignment clothes and local brands in San Francisco, as well as recommendations for some of my favorite functional clothing items for each developmental stage.

Newborns: I found dressing my little one in footed sleepers to be easiest. I liked zip sleepers during the day for their quick convenience. Snap sleepers were preferable at night so that his top half could stay fully covered during the many middle of the night diaper changes. I also liked swaddles with access from the bottom for the same reason.

Infants: As my baby became a little older, I liked to dress him in outfits rather than sleepers. He has a rather big head, so I found side snap bodysuits and footed pants sets to be my favorite. I found H&M to have the best selection and price. I was also a fan of Vitamins Baby soft overalls. Last but not least, I couldn’t resist adorable socks that looked like shoes, laces and all.

Crawlers: Once I had a little mover on my hands, I wanted pants that would stay in place. Also, pulling-up on furniture seems to come so soon after crawling, so it is ideal to have pants that won’t be a trip hazard. I love knit leggings for these reasons. My very favorites are Doodle Pants, which are often on sale on Zulily, but there are other varieties as well.

Toddlers: Now that my little guy is a toddler and upright all the time, I like to use suspenders and belts to keep his pants in place. But, as he approaches potty training, I have been buying up elastic waist pants that will be easy for him to pull on and off all by himself.


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