Infant Care Options

If you’ve decided to return to work after having your tiny human, than you will likely need some form of infant care. It is a hard decision to make, but luckily in San Francisco you have some options for different types of care.


I have provided below more details on these options and some resources that exist to help with your search for infant care.

The 4 main options for care are a Nanny, a Nanny Share, a Day Care Center, or Home Day Care. Which option is the best fit for you will depend on your budget and level of desire for exposure to other kids.

If you are interested in a Nanny Share, WunderHood provides a parent network for finding share matches. Note that they refer to it as “Share Care”.

For Day Care, NurtureList offers a great resource for finding both Center and Home Day Cares by location, current openings, and other criteria.

In terms of timing, Day Care Centers tend to need the most lead time as there are very few of them that take infants in San Francisco. If this is your preferred option, it is recommended to get on Day Care Center waitlists during early pregnancy. For Nanny Shares, you will want to find a good share family match at least a few months before you start looking for a Nanny. For both Nannies and Home Day Cares, the caregivers are usually looking for a fairly immediate arrangement, so the search will need to happen close to the time when you are willing to start care. However, sometimes a Home Day Care will let you reserve a slot in advance with a deposit.


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