Books for Tiny Humans

Even before my tiny human was born, I started his book collection by asking for books at his baby shower. I’ve enjoyed engaging him with a variety of different types of books throughout his infancy. Now that he is a young toddler, I love seeing how he interacts with books in new ways.


Below I will provide some San Francisco story time options, as well as my recommendations for different types of books that are best at each stage of development.

I enjoyed taking my tiny human to Baby Rhyme Time at the Library. He would crawl right over to the librarian to get a better view of the books that she was reading. Luckily, most of the library branches have a baby, toddler, or family story time activity each week. For more information about Library locations with infant programs, check-out the map here. I’ve also heard great things about the many weekly story times offered at Charlie’s Corner.

Here are my recommendations for books by developmental stage:

Newborns: Since these tiny humans have limited vision, I recommend high-contrast books propped up about 12″ away so that they can take in the illustrations. Also, these youngest babies love to hear the cadence of rhyming books.

Infants: I recommend cloth and crinkly books to engage with these little ones who are putting everything in their mouths and just beginning to interact with their hands.

Crawlers: At this age, tiny humans are beginning to interact with their environment more. I recommend touch and feel books that let them engage with a variety of different textures.

Young Toddlers: These little ones are taking interactions to a whole new level. Books that engage them in cause and effect are great, such as poke-a-dot, sound, and flap books. These tiny humans are now learning to talk, and they love being able to verbally identify pictures in first word books.

Also, if you have a little one who likes books and hates baths as much as mine, I recommend having a waterproof book, to help ease the transition from play to the bathtub as well.


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