Books for Tiny Humans

Even before my tiny human was born, I started his book collection by asking for books at his baby shower. I’ve enjoyed engaging him with a variety of different types of books throughout his infancy. Now that he is a young toddler, I love seeing how he interacts with books in new ways.


Below I will provide some San Francisco story time options, as well as my recommendations for different types of books that are best at each stage of development.

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Infant Care Options

If you’ve decided to return to work after having your tiny human, than you will likely need some form of infant care. It is a hard decision to make, but luckily in San Francisco you have some options for different types of care.


I have provided below more details on these options and some resources that exist to help with your search for infant care.

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Clothing for Tiny Humans

Deciding how to dress my rapidly growing tiny human can be both a joy and a frustration. I just love to put him in a cute outfit, but it can be tricky to find clothes that are also truly functional for each stage of his development. Plus, he seems to just grow out of everything in the blink of an eye.


Below I have provided a map of places where you can buy consignment clothes and local brands in San Francisco, as well as recommendations for some of my favorite functional clothing items for each developmental stage.

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Infant Swim Classes

Like many new parents, I wanted my new tiny human to be comfortable in water from an early age, and so I looked to enroll in parent participation infant swim classes.

20160423_110454 (1)

I’ve now taken three 8-week-long sessions of classes at UCSF Parnassus when my little one was an infant and then a young toddler. I’ve found that beyond just exposing him to water, the classes have the added benefits of songs and games. To me these classes seem like a good 2-for-1 combo of early water comfort and music class!

Below I provide more details on the options for infant swim classes in San Francisco.

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Play Space Review: Recess Urban Recreation

Recess Urban Recreation

470 Carolina St, San Francisco, CA 94107

I first took my tiny human to Recess when he was 8 months old. I visited as part of the Golden Gate Mother’s Group (GGMG) monthly weekend free play. I have returned for many similar visits as he has become a young toddler.


  • Separate gated space for crawlers and new walkers
  • Large variety of age appropriate toys and activities
  • Offers a variety of classes and other services for parents
  • Has toddler friendly snacks for sale


  • Layout of the larger section can create trip hazards
  • It would be hard to watch kids in both sections at the same time
  • Membership or day pass typically required for entry
  • Sensory lab not open during GGMG weekend play hours

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